2013 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced, Rush Finally Make It In

rock and roll hall of fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has often gotten some flack for its inductees; it tends to add rap and disco heavyweights while ignoring tide-and-true rock and roll artists. One artist that this seems to have been happening with over and over was progressive rock gods Rush. Today, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers announced that in 2013, Rush will finally enter the Hall of Fame.

The rest of the inductees are fellow classic rockers Heart, as well as Albert King, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, and Donna Summer. The ceremony will take place on April 18 and be aired on HBO. Plenty of guests will star; last year, when the Red Hot Chili Peppers were inducted, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day and Slash from Velvet Revolver played along for “Higher Ground”. Maybe we’ll get a special version of “YYZ” with Rush and thirteen guitarists, or some crazy drum duet with Chad Smith and Neil Peart. Playing along with prog rock probably isn’t the easiest thing for most inductees, but it the performance is always star studded and Rush is sure to be the headlining act.

Bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee has already best summarized it to Rolling Stone, saying “It’s a terrific honor and we’ll show up smiling…It made my mom happy, so that’s worth it… It was a cause [Rush fans] championed. I’m very relieved for them and we share this honor with them, for sure.

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