Hot Water Music Releasing Live Album/DVD

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Hot Water Music have teamed up with their former label, No Idea Records, to release the band’s extensive live album, Live In Chicago, on January 15.

The album was recorded at the band’s February 1 and 2, 2008 shows at The Metro in Chicago. Footage on the 80-minute, 24-song live DVD accompanying the album was shot on the second night of the show series.

In addition to the CD/DVD package, Live In Chicago will also be released on limited edition vinyl as well as a digital download. The LP will be shipping now whereas the CD/DVD won’t be shipping until January. More information and pre-order packages are available here.

Check out the track listing for the album as well as the DVD below. 

CD/LP track listing:
1. A Flight and a Crash
2. Remedy
3. Wayfarer
4. Trusty Chords
5. Jack of All Trades
6. Rooftops
7. End of a Gun
8. Better Sense
9. Kill The Night
10. Instrumental
11. Free Radio Gainesville
12. Giver
13. All Heads Down
14. Moonpies for Misfits
15. God Deciding
16. I Was on a Mountain
17. No Division
18. Just Don’t Say You Lost It
19. Old Rules*
20. Swinger
21. Our Own Way
22. Choked and Separated
23. Manual
24. Paper Thin
25. Turnstile
26. 220 Years
27. The Sense
28. Alachua
29. Position
30. Hard To Know

DVD track listing:
1. Alachua
2. Remedy
3. Wayfarer
4. Trusty Chords
5. Better Sense
6. Rooftops
7. End of a Gun
8. Giver
9. Free Radio Gainesville
10. All Heads Down
11. Moonpies for Misfits
12. A Flight and a Crash
13. God Deciding
14. Poison
15. Swinger
16. Our Own Way
17. Kill the Night
18. Choked and Separated
19. Turnstile
20. Manual
21. 220 Years
22. Paper Thin
23. Position
24. Hard to Know

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