WATCH: Billie Joe Armstrong Play “Himself” In Deleted ‘This Is 40’ Scene

billie joe armstrong this is 40 deleted scene

Billie Joe Armstrong: singer, songwriter, thespian?

While the Green Day frontman has had a rough couple of months – kicked off with that meltdown at the iheartradio Festival back in September, the seeming awesomeness of which was quickly soured by news of rehab check-ins (context, it’s a bitch) – it looks like he’s having fun in this clip! Lindsey Lohan this isn’t!

In this portion of This Is 40 that was left on the cutting room floor, Armstrong plays a more pretentious, oblique version of himself. There’s talk of Belle & Sebastian, Norwegian death metal music projects, and selling, “too many records”. Paul Rudd is there too, doing his Paul Rudd thing.

Check out the video after the jump.

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