DOWNLOAD: Tera Melos – “Tropic Lane”


Tera Melos have been working on a new record for some time. I would even guess that the album’s been finished for a while since guitarist and vocalist Nick Reinhardt had the time to come out with a solo album for Christmas. Today, they had a song, “Tropic Lane” premier on Rolling Stone from their upcoming album. The album, X’d Out, comes out on April 16, and is suddenly on my radar as one of the most anticipated releases of the year (I like Tera Melos, and I’m not ashamed). Nick has gotten better at singing over his own taste of odd math rock, and with each passing record, he seems to be a better songwriter.

They’re also expected to go on tour soon; we’ll keep you posted when they make an announcement. Download “Tropic Lane” and see the full track list after the break.

Download here.

X’d Out
01. Weird Circles
02. New Chlorine
03. Bite
04. Snake Lake
05. Sunburn
06. Melody Nine
07. No Phase
08. Tropic Lame
09. Slimed
10. Until Lufthansa
11. Surf Nazis
12. X’ed Out and Tired

Dan Bogosian

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