REVIEW: Skinny Lister – Forge & Flagon

Skinny Lister

Artist: Skinny Lister
Album: Forge & Flagon
Genre: Folk/Punk
Label: Sunday Best Recordings (UK) / Side One Dummy Records (US)

Punk music has been crafted, stretched, and molded, on countless occasions over the past 40-something years that the genre has been around. Many eras have come and gone in that time, with many more sub-genres popping up left and right. Folk could be described in the same way. Somewhere between the two, lies the sound behind Skinny Lister’s latest offering, Forge & Flagon. But don’t allow that description to lead you to think that they’ll sound much like their folk-leaning label-mates on Side One Dummy.

The album opens with “If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down”, a track that warmly greets the listener with it’s pair of slow violin lines and crooning vocals courtesy of one of the band’s two vocalists, Dan Heptinstall. The song picks up soon after into a toe-tapping ditty that reflects much of what is to be heard throughout the record. There’s no song on Forge & Flagon that’s catchier than “John Kanaka”, the second song on the album. I’ve caught myself humming and tapping my foot to the song after merely one listen to the record. It might be that it’s repetitive as hell, but that doesn’t make it less of a song.

“Peregrine Fly” soothes the listener with it’s captivating minimalistic melody made by the duet of Lorna Thomas (the band’s other vocalist) and Heptinstall. By the time “Colours” closes the album feels more complete than ever. With it’s complementing vocal harmonies and acoustic folk feel, you’re instantly left satisfied, yet simultaneously wanting more.

While Skinny Lister might not be making any leaps and strides in progressing the either genre touched upon with Forge & Flagon, they’re most certainly making some well-placed comfortable paces within the boundaries of punk. I, for one, would rather hear an end product that sounds like a band sticking their landing rather than toppling over themselves in a flop.

Rating: 7.5/10
Reviewed by: Adrian Garza (Twitter)

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  • mt schmidt

    Saw this band in St Louis M USA 2012- opening for Rusted Root @ the Old Rockouse.
    At first glance we (I) had no idea what to expect. Their stage presence was so forthright and pronounced- then after the first 3 minutes the entire crowd was well aware we were going to witness one fabulous event on that stage and have ourselves a blast- Skinny Lister did not fail.