WATCH: ‘Rungs In A Ladder’ – A Documentary On Jacob Bannon Of Converge

rungs in a ladder jacob bannon documentary

Jacob Bannon, hardcore renaissance man, is the subject of a new documentary, Rungs in a Ladder, that was just released today via Noisey.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Bannon is a reclusive figure, given that he is the frontman for metalcore stalwarts Converge, the founder of extreme music label Deathwish Inc, and has a fairly successful side hustle as an artist and designer.

But Rungs in a Ladder provides a view of Bannon that the public doesn’t often see; seated still and speaking in a comprehensible fashion with measured intonation, as opposed to his usual screaming, flailing, and wailing.

All joking aside, Rungs in a Ladder gets very personal. Bannon is comfortable delving into the issues he has regarding his appearance and his struggles with weight and self-esteem as a teenager. Ladder also sees Bannon detail his drive and creativity in a fascinating manner. It should go without saying, considering how many projects Bannon has been and is currently involved in, but the dude was born to just make stuff.

Kudos to Noisey and the filmmaking team of McFarland & Pecci for putting the feature together. It’s really something special.

Watch Rungs in a Ladder after the jump.

Check out Bannon’s exclusive interview with Noisey for an even deeper look into the singer’s thoughts on art and the act of creating.

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