Alkaline Trio Announce Pre-Orders, Track Listing For New Album ‘My Shame Is True’

Alkaline Trio

Here we go.

Punk rock gods Alkaline Trio have revealed the track listing and various pre-order packages for their upcoming full length release My Shame Is True.

It looks like the Trio is doing some special things for their ninth long player, things which we’ll go into further detail on after the jump. 

The group is offering a number of tiered pricing per-order packages for My Shame. They’re offering vinyl (both standard pressed and colored) bundled with t-shirts. Then there’s the deluxe bundle which will set you back about $44 in exchange for My Shame Is True LP and the Broken Wing EP (pressed to limited editions of pink and blue vinyl, respectively) alongside digital download codes for each release, a t-shirt, and a patch emblazoned with the band’s heartskull insignia.

But the big pre-order enchilada is the $80 My Shame Is True box set. Contained within a velvet-lined Ouija board box (!) fans will find:

  • My Shame Is True on dark green vinyl (exclusive to box set, limited pressing of 500 copies)
  • The Broken Wing EP on tan vinyl (exclusive to box set, limited pressing of 500 copies)
  • My Shame Is True t-shirt
  • A heartskull flag
  • A heartskull patch
  • And a ” 12″x24″ Alkaline Trio spirit board game with a wooden heartskull game piece”
Holy guacamole. You can peep all the pre-order options here. Check out the full track list to My Shame Is True below.
Track Listing:

1. “She Lied To The FBI”
2. “I Wanna Be A Warhol”
3. “I’m Only Here To Disappoint”
4. “Kiss You To Death”
5. “The Temptation Of St. Anthony”
6. “I, Pessimist”
7. “Only Love”
8. “The Torture Doctor”
9. “Midnight Blue”
10. “One Last Dance”
11. “Young Lovers”
12. “Until Death Do Us Part”

Wondering what it’s going to sound like? Check out “I Wanna Be A Warhol” over here. My Shame Is True comes out April 2 on Epitaph.
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