Baroness’ Bus Driver To Be Charged With Reckless Driving


The BBC is reporting that Norman Markus, the driver behind the wheel during Baroness’ terrifying bus crash  in the UK last August will be brought up on multiple charges stemming from the accident.

The multitude of charges that Markus faces range from operational issues with the vehicle that he was transporting the band in to safety protocols that Markus failed to adhere to.

Investigators allege that Markus drove a vehicle with defective brakes that also exceeded a 7.5 ton weight limit. Markus also failed to meet daily and weekly rest requirements for a bus driver. Damningly, Markus is also being charged with not possessing the proper licensing for the coach bus that he was operating at the time of the accident.

The band continues to make strides in their recovery following the accident. Baroness’ singer John Baizley recently appeared on stage alongside Converge at Decibel 100 in Philadelphia. An impressive achievement considering Baizley’s horrifying experience in the crash.

Markus will appear in court on April 5.

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