Rapper Gunplay Has Assault And Armed Robbery Charges Dropped, Avoids Life Sentence


Gunplay, real name Richard Morales Jr., is probably breathing a little bit easier today. After all, he’s a free man.

The Florida-based rapper revealed on Twitter that all the assault and armed robbery charges he was facing have been dropped.

TMZ reports that the case against the rapper would come to fall apart despite some pretty compelling evidence (more on that in a second) because authorities could not compel the man pressing charges, Gunplay’s one-time accountant Turron Woodside, to cooperate.

The suit against Morales stemmed from an April 2012 incident involving the rapper Woodside. Video footage from the altercation allegedly shows Morales pulling a gun on Woodside and subsequently beating the man with his firearm. Morales was also accused of stealing a gold chain and a cell phone from Woodside over the course of the barrage.

However, TMZ reports that prosecutors were unable to serve Woodside with a subpoena in order to have him authenticate the footage. As a result, the most compelling piece of evidence against Morales couldn’t be used and the prosecutor’s case fell apart. Had Morales been convicted on all charges he faced the possibility of a life sentence.

The rapper turned himself in to authorities in October, shortly following an altercation at the BET Awards in which Morales was apparently jumped by members of 50 Cent’s entourage.

Gunplay’s debut album, Medellin, is slated for a release some time in 2013.

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