30 Seconds To Mars Announce New Album; Stream Single


30 Seconds To Mars are a band that often divides our readers. Some believe the Jared Leto fronted band deserve every bit of press and praise they’ve earned over the years, while others feel the superstar popularity of their vocalist has aided their progress and put them in a position far surpassing most bands of their caliber. Personally, I’ve always felt they were overrated to the extreme, but I’m always open to having my mind changed and who knows? Maybe this album will be the one to change my mind.

This morning a press release was sent out announcing 30 Seconds To Mars plans to release their new album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams, on May 21. The album will be the fourth studio effort from the group, and those interested in hearing the latest evolution in the band’s sound can click here to stream the album’s lead single, “Up In The Air.” The artwork for the album can be viewed below.

Call me crazy, but “Up In The Air” reminds me of 30STM attempting to foray into the same sonic territory as Cobra Starship, only worse. Comment below and let us know what your thoughts are on the latest from 30 Seconds To Mars.

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  • The last good album the produced was their self titled…. Song disappoints me.

  • It has a lot of potential. Regardless of how you may feel about Jared Leto, you can’t deny that the man writes amazing lyrics. Yes, this album will be a new direction for the band. But when have they ever released an album that sounded like its predecessor? Each album brings a new sound and I trust that this will be a successful chapter in the band’s story.

  • aqualech

    Don’t think the band actually had much to do with the making of this song. It is just silly pop generated by the label. They don’t even HAVE a synth player. As much soul here as fast food.

  • Actually that’s not true. Jared writes ALL of his songs – lyrics and music. His brother helps with the music. His producers literally only add small things and help master the songs. Steve Lilywhite only produced a few songs off this album. And if I remember correctly, Jared actually bought a synth about a year or two ago.