Kanye West Reportedly Naming New Album ‘I Am God’


Oh, Kanye West. Will you ever stop being controversial?

The BBC is apparently hungry for news this morning because they cracked the code of writing and found a way to turn a one line story about a rumored baby name into a 500+ word article. Regardless, buried in their latest post on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is a curious mention that the Chicago-bred rapper will be naming his forthcoming album I Am God. This contradicts reports from February stating the album will be called Rich Black American, and promises to bring Mr. West a lot more media attention if true.

The title, which is said to be “half tongue-in-cheek,” is one of the first confirmations that West is indeed planning to release a new album (presumably in 2013). There has as-of-yet been no mention of plans to release a single or begin promotion, but the fact a title has begun circling likely means an official announcement is not far away. Whether or not the title remains the same until that time, however, is anyone’s guess. I don’t think anyone expected My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to stick, but here we are three years later and it’s a title that has indeed stood the test of time.

For those curious, the rumored name for Kanye’s first offspring, at least according to the BBC, is North. Yes, as in North West. Click here to read their post on the rumor and what importance, if any, picking the perfect name plays in the life of an individual.

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