Does Kanye West Have A New Album Coming Out Called ‘Rich Black American’ And Is This The Track List?

kanye west rich black american

Kanye West works in mysterious ways.

Much of the talk on the famed rapper cum producer has been most recently focused on his and Kim K’s spawn or the possibly happening maybe not likely definitely potentially to be released followup to G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer.

Last night, his solo career was pulled off the media’s back burner and is now front and center in the minds of the bloggerati. See that image to the left? It would appear to be a screenshot of the iTunes store for a heretofore unmentioned Kanye West album titled Rich Black American. Seven tracks deep, the release date for Rich Black American is set for 2013.

After mysteriously appearing on Twitter late last night it has been making the rounds in various music publications. Some are treating it as gospel, while other cynical souls are crying “catfish”.

Here’s what we know. 

EDM superstar Skrillex has said in the past that he’s collaborated with West. The fruits of their efforts have yet to be heard. According to the screenshot, he’s listed as a featured performer “Need Somebody” alongside frequent West cohorts 2 Chainz and Big Sean. Other purported performers on Rich Black American include Beyoncé (on “Whole Lifetime”), Frank Ocean, and Pusha T (both on “Faith”). The only outlier, Florence Welch of The Machine fame, isn’t an eyebrow raiser.

So is it legit? Earl Sweatshirt thinks so.

But I have some qualms. West tends towards the grandiose. Think back to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It was a bit deeper in terms of the talent it pulled for features. There’s also a few parallels between the features on Rich Black American and the features on A$AP Rocky’s LONG.LIVE.A$AP, which may have been where a hoaxer pulled inspiration from. Besides, look at some of those album titles. “Need Somebody” sounds more like a Kings of Leon song than a Yeezy banger. Who knows. Until we hear Mr. West weigh in, there’s no way to tell for sure.

Check out “Mercy” after the jump. Considering the personnel involved, this might be a taste of Rich Black American.

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