STREAM: In Fear And Faith – “Last Man Standing” Piano Rendition

In Fear And Faith

I definitely recommend that you take a listen to this. In Fear And Faith‘s very own pianist Ramin Niroomand has released a piano rendition of their song “Last Man Standing”, which is taken from their recently released self-titled album. You can take a listen to the song by checking below the jump.

Ramin also speaks about composing the song and his inspiration. You can read what he had to say by looking below the jump as well.

This song is a piano rendition inspired by the song Last Man Stranded off of our recent Self Titled album. When I first wrote the original version of this song, I was heavily inspired by the work of Hans Zimmer and his work in the movie Inception. A song that I kept on constant rotation and to this day can not get sick of, Time, was the most direct inspiration. I’ve always been a big fan of Hans Zimmer, and movie scores have always intrigued me…I really tried to set that mood and setting for this rendition.

I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you do…PLEASE help me spread the word so I can continue to create these videos and projects. Any sharing of the video on your social networks, or even a simple like/comment/subscribtion, would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent a lot of time preparing TONS of material so I can keep a steady update of material for the next couple months. Expect a new video of either an In Fear And Faith song, Cover song, or an original composition every TWO WEEKS! Also, my first piano album comes out 4/22/13. I have a lot of other projects and updates I’m extremely anxious to share with you guys, one of them being my release on Easy Killer Records this fall…featuring some of your favorite artists ;)

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