The Wonder Years’ Merch Guy Explains Yesterday’s Homophobia Related Altercation

Property of Zack did a quick interview with Floyd James, the current merch vendor of The Wonder Years, about his perspective on Wednesday night’s ordeal.

According to personal accounts from various band members on the tour, things became heated when Virginia show promoter, Tyler Greene, called one of Misser’s crew members, Dan Schein, a faggot.

Here’s a portion of James’ response, follow the jump for more.

Can you run us through the story of what happened last night?
It started when the venue came to collect their merch cut. We figured out after that they been crappy towards everyone on the tour the entire night. There was an attitude from the venue staff around the merch cut. They didn’t trust the cut Misser’s merch guy was giving them, and that’s when another rep came over and got involved. I really gave him a hard time about it. He never counted in or counted out, so he couldn’t claim that he thought he made more than Misser were giving him. He said he was basing it on the honor system, which he wasn’t, because he didn’t trust us. This was over $3. He was handed $7 and he claimed he should have gotten $10. 

He said, “Well, if you’re going to be a faggot about it…” He never got a chance to finish his sentence. That’s when I immediately yelled at him to get out of my site and that he wasn’t collecting a merch cut from anyone.

He got on the phone and ran into his office and locked himself away. Once our TM got word, he and the rest of our tour went up to speak with him about it. He, at first, was completely unapologetic and felt there was nothing wrong with what he said or did. It took a good ten or more minutes to get to get into his head why he was a failure as a promoter.

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One Response to “The Wonder Years’ Merch Guy Explains Yesterday’s Homophobia Related Altercation”

  1. Guest says:

    this shit is getting so blown out of proportion. Tyler isn’t the slightest bit homophobic, nor is any of the staff at Empire. If the bands on the tour package didn’t walk into the venue acting like they owned the place, this never would’ve happened. I don’t know what kind of “merch man” doesn’t keep an inventory, that’s just unprofessional. you would think that would want to know what they have in stock and how much money they’re bringing in. A merch cut is pretty standard for a lot of venues nowadays. Most venues that sell alcohol also have specific rules regarding where you can and can’t drink. The staff member that knocked the drink out of the guitarist of Misser’s hand did so because you are only allowed to consume alcohol in the bar area, hence why wristbands are issued for people that are over 21 to even get up to the bar in the first place. The guitarist was told multiple times that he couldn’t bring his drink down on the floor and proceeded to state “Oh, I have a tour pass.” Having a tour pass doesn’t mean you’re entitled to do whatever you want and break the rules of the venue. If an inspector were to come in and see that, Empire would have lost its liquor license, hence why there are strict rules regarding alcohol consumption in the venue. I can guarantee you these bands would want to come back, because there was a HUGE turnout. If you want to boycott booking through Tyler Greene, have fun finding another decent venue to play in Virginia. Maybe you could go play in Baltimore at the shot ass Ottobar. Stop being so damn sensitive. If you’re not going to respect the venues and the promoters, they won’t respect you either. Have fun playing in your Taking Back Sunday cover bands to a bunch of underage girls