Alpha & Omega Robbed In Seattle


Shitty news out of the Northwestern US this morning as UTG has just learned hardcore outfit Alpha & Omega were robbed on Sunday, May 26.

From what has been explained, it seems the band were in the Seattle area on Sunday when an unknown assailant broke into their parked van and made away with essentially all of the group’s personal possession. This includes phones, clothes, wallets, and possibly bigger items like laptops and iPads as well. The group has released a message to fans, which you can read below, and are asking that anyone who wants to help please purchase something from their merch store:

“So last night our van was broken into and all our personal bags were stolen. We were all pretty much left with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Needless to say after 7 weeks of tour were all pretty fucked. If you could stop by our All In Merch store and pick something up it would greatly be appreciated.”

We know it is not likely, but if you have any information regarding the stolen equipment, please contact authorities as soon as possible. This kind of thing happens all too often, and justice needs to be served.

James Shotwell

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