Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Debut “Stay At Home Dad”


The most popular duo of 2013 has returned to UTG headlines with a new song released in honor of Father’s Day.

Set against the kind of easy going beat that makes weekends feel like they could last forever, “Stay At Home Dad” is a chill track celebrating the life of a dad who spends his life maintaining the household. In its own way it’s a quasi-anthem for often overlooked men that do their part to make home feel whole, but acting like it doesn’t have a bit of humor would be to undersell the lyrical prowess of Macklemore. You can stream “Stay At Home Dad” below.

It’s good to know Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are still working hard on new music in spite of “Thrift Shop” being the year’s biggest single. My only wish is that “Stay At Home Dad” had more of a pulse. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new material.

James Shotwell

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  • Prince Akeem

    this song is a re release from 2010. he evens says 2010 in the song. at least do some research on or at least listen to the stories you steal. holy shit.

  • Daisy (ULR)

    If you’re going to be rude, you should at least provide a source. UTG isn’t the only website reporting that they dropped the song today, and just because someone says a year in a song, doesn’t mean that’s the year they dropped it… I haven’t heard anything about this song 3 years ago and apparently, neither has the internet. Check yo facts or have something to back them up!

  • Daisy (ULR)

    Also, I love this.

  • Prince Akeem

    clearly you dont speak for the internet.

    http://www. 2dopeboyz. com/2010/01/20/ macklemore-ryan-lewis-stay-at-home-dad/

    And that was a basic google search. DO BETTER.

  • Daisy (ULR)

    Let’s all be polite to strangers on the internet on a forum like this, yeah? Thanks for actually providing a link this time! :)