REVIEW: Wilson – Full Blast Fuckery


Artist: Wilson
Album: Full Blast Fuckery
Genre: Heavy Rock and Roll
Record Label: Easy Killer Records

Full Blast Fuckery. The record title of Wilson’s debut full-length sums up this 10-song exploitation of pure rock and roll. Born and bred somewhere in the bearded middle ground between Every Time I Die and Guns N’ Roses, Wilson is due to blow any guitar loving, beer drinking, riot starting rock and roll addicts’ mind.

Never wavering in intensity, Full Blast Fuckery hits hard from the opening scream to the closing shriek of the guitar. You’d be lucky not to break a sweat just from listening to this record; it just oozes energy from every bar of music. One notable instance of rock and roll fury on Full Blast Fuckery is “College Gangbang.” A particularly seducing number, “College Gangbang” is the type of track that both you and your old man could bond to. It shreds solos worthy of areas and holds breakdowns fitting for a VFW building, all in between repeating an irresistible chorus.

The record also contains many whiplash-worthy headbangin’ moments. The brief, yet aggressive track, “Viking Pussies Fuck Off” may be the heaviest 46 seconds of rock and roll released this year. That’s not to say the fifth track, “Snake Eyes,” wouldn’t be far behind in this race.

The record is, without a doubt, a hard-hitter from beginning to end, but the listener can find a natural progression of even darker and heavier tracks as the album progresses. One will find that the creepily unnerving eighth track, “If You Ever Leave Me I Will Find You,” is far darker, both musically and lyrically, then the catchy punk rock third number, “Passing On The Left.” Full Blast Fuckery has made rock and roll fun again, Wilson leaves no doubt in the listeners’ minds what a complete record should sound like.


Rating: 9/10
Written by: Matthew Leimkuehler

Check out “College Gangbang” here:

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