Netflix Adds ‘Profiles’ to Service, Loved Ones’ Bad Tastes Won’t Show Up in Suggestions


Movie lovers rejoice: the movie streaming juggernaut Netflix announced today the addition of Profiles to their service. In a nutshell, you are now able to add different users to your Netflix account, where the suggestions are tailored to one specific person’s preferences, rather than every one of your friends’ tastes being rolled into one on the home screen.

This is a feature may not feel like a big deal to users who just watch by themselves in their dorm room, but for those of us that share our account with our families, spouses and close friends, this addition of profiles to Netflix comes as a godsend. How many times have I seen movies I don’t particularly care for because more than myself uses my account sometimes? Pretty frequently. Here at UTG we’re really excited for Profiles on Netflix, and you should be too. Netflix is the giant leading the charge on streaming as the future of consuming media, and they’re learning to adapt to what we need as modern day users. This is what will keep them in business, and ahead, for at least the visible future.

Check out the release video from Netflix after the break, but let us know in the comments what the worst film you’ve seen in your suggestions that’s at the fault of someone sharing your account.

Tyler Osborne

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