The Postal Service’s Performances at Lollapalooza are Their “Very Last”

the postal service

When LA supergroup The Postal Service reunited at the beginning of this year, thousands of now-adults cheered for their respective 2000 selves. They began traveling the world, playing festivals big and large (with interesting openers), and even released “new” material like “A Tattered Line of String,” sparking rumors of what the band would do after the tour. Turns out their performances at Lollapalooza, including their after show, will be their “very last.”

Gibbard tweeted before they took the stage yesterday for their headlining set, “Hey Chicago, these @PostalService shows at Lollapalooza and Metro will be our very last. Please come celebrate with us!” As Pitchfork states, a representative confirmed that it’s “their last scheduled show,” tonight being their after, and final, show. Hold those tears. 

In this day and age of never-ending internet outlets, we can always re-watch their performances whenever we want. Let that be a mini sigh of relief, even if it’s sad. Watch them play on the The Colbert Report here.

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