Watch a Video for Torres’ Intense New Single “Sprinter”

Singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott is a deadly powerhouse. She may seem sweet onstage as Torres, shuffling her shoes with witty banter, but once she grabs her guitar and tilts her head back to sing, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. Her sophomore album, Sprinter, drops May 4 via Partisan Records. In anticipation of its release, she’s shared the album’s title track with a brand new video.

On “Sprinter,” Torres uses a country-infused riff to snap through a dark, cavernous memory of her past. Scott talks about bursting through disillusionment, danger, and confusion to find a heartfelt return to self, jutting a hollow guitar solo into the mix while feedback stacks up. With a bit of vocal effects and layered calls, she uses the title track as a soaring form of empowerment that will instantly leave you feeling refreshed and motivated. Torres may not be a household name yet, but with the pairing of this song and the video, she’s ready to make her mark.

Check it out below:

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