PRODUCT REVIEW: Spigen SGP Slim Armour Galaxy S4 Case


The Spigen SGP Slim Armour case is everything it should and needs to be. It’s light-weight with a sleek design and it protects my Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as I wanted it to with its dual layer body.

This Spigen Slim Armour case is affordable ($20-$25) in regards to the average price point among its competitors and looks great on my white Galaxy with its attractive two-tone coloration.

My favorite feature of this case is the actual volume rocker and lock/unlock buttons that are raised for comfort and fit on the original buttons perfectly for easy use. The access for ports and the camera and speaker cut-outs on the back are ideal as well.

I believe my only complaint about this case would be the fact that fingerprints are left easily on the polycarbonate outer shell but this is a minor affliction from this otherwise highly convenient and idealistic mobile phone case from GearZap.


SCORE: 9.5/10
Review written by: Brian Lion – Follow him on Twitter

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