Hear Bob Dylan’s 1970 Outtake “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”


New MorningBob Dylan‘s eleventh studio album containing hits such as “The Man In Me” and “If Not For You,” has just had an outtake of “Tomorrow Is A Long Time” revealed. The song never made it onto the album, but a beautiful live 1963 version was slotted in his Greatest Hits Vol. 2. Now, over 40 years later, a new version has surfaced.

“Tomorrow Is A Long Time” was made popular by its covers–ranging from Rod Stewart to Elvis Presley himself–but now we get to hear it in a new light. Instead of the soft, tender version we’re used to, get ready for a country funk folk song which, somehow, works flawlessly. His gritty lead vocals stand next to the backup singers’ hooting in a way only Dylan could do.

Click the link below to hear the 1970 New Morning outtake of “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”:

MP3: Bob Dylan :: Tomorrow Is A Long Time (New Morning Outtake, 1970)

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  • franzdavis

    I don’t like the disrespectful photo. He can indeed sing otherwise the whole generation was wrong because he was as the hackneyed saying goes the “voice of a generation”. Blues singers always sung like that. Ironically the song he was singing Subterranean HOMESICK BLUES HAS A SUPERB VOCAL- the sign was altered. The one he is holding is not the original sign. He can sing all right- he redefined what constitutes good singing and a whole array of people who would not have tried if not for Bob would never have been heard. The nonsense about his singing is the oldest cliche in the book and is totally wrong as well. If you want Caruso listen to opera. If you want Bing Crosby buy his records.