Joel Piper Leaving Confide


Wait, didn’t Confide just get things back together? Joel Piper posted an Instagram photo of the band’s tour flyer, and on the photo he commented that it will be “one of his last shows with Confide.” The band hasn’t made this news official yet, but according to Joel, he is focusing on his solo music project. You can see a screenshot of what he said by taking a look below the jump.

Though I’m personally sad to hear that Joel will be parting ways with the group, I’m excited to hear some new music through his future endeavors. He’s a talented musician, so I’m sure he will be successful.

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  • Sunjay140

    I hope they don’t break up :(

  • Kriston McConnell

    Me too! i really enjoy their music, though their latest album was slightly different from what I was expecting, I still liked it.