DOWNLOAD: Clinton Sparks Releases ‘My Awesome Mixtape 4’


Producer Clinton Sparks has been creating epic party soundtracks through his My Awesome Mixtape series for the last few years, but today he truly outdid himself with the release of the thirty-six track fourth installment. Featuring appearances from Hulk Hogan, Rick Ross, Macklemore, Diddy, 2 Chainz, Bun B, Riff Raff, Waka Flocka, and many more, Sparks has delivered a crazy compilation that is sure to keep your good times rolling for weeks to come.

You may not be familiar with the name Clinton Sparks, but there is no chance you have been a fan of pop music for longer than a week without hearing a song he’s worked on or an artist he’s worked with (recently, no less). The ever-working music mastermind has built a brand with his ‘Get familiar’ catchphrase that continues to grow by the month, and after the world gets their hands on My Awesome Mixtape 4 I would not be surprised to see Clinton mentioned alongside major players like Calvin Harris or David Guetta. You can stream and download the album below.

Sometimes the cure for the work week blues is as simple as finding some new, fun music to enjoy in your downtime. With that in mind, you would be hard pressed to find an album that is more focused on having a good time than My Awesome Mixtape 4. Put down the to-do list, crack open a cold drink, and take an hour to have a bit of fun this evening. You won’t regret it.

James Shotwell

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