LYRIC VIDEO: The Animal In Me – “The End Of The Road”

The Animal In Me

Well here it is, guys! The Animal In Me‘s very first single off their upcoming debut album. The song is titled “The End Of The Road,” and it’s definitely something that’s worth checking out. Their sound is a refreshing change to the usual post hardcore scene, as they have a female lead vocalist, who sings alongside a male unclean vocalist. There are very few successful bands out there in this genre with female lead singers, so it’s great to hear a genuinely talented one making their way through the ranks. Their album, Who’s Laughing Now, will be hitting stores later this year. Listen to their new song by taking a look below the jump.

If you like what you hear, be sure to hit the band up on Facebook. Don’t forget to check in again for more updates on new singles and the album release date.

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