The Trailer For Mike Newell‘s ‘Great Expectations’ Arrives, US Release Date Set


There are a handful of so-called literary classics I have completely overlooked in life because there has never been a shortage of theatrical and stage adaptations. One of those books is Great Expectations, and this fall yet another version will hit theaters nationwide.

There has been relatively zero promotion for Mike Newell’s take on Great Expectations since it premiered at TIFF last year. The film received mostly positive reviews, specifically for the performance of Helena Bonham Carter as the iconic Miss Havisham, but failed (at the time) to gain much traction with distributors. Months passed, many more period films were released, and the majority of the movie-blogging community forget such a feature was ever brought into existence.

Today Newell’s Great Expectations has surfaced once more as distributor Main Street Films released a trailer to prepare for the recently scheduled release the film in the US. Having been given a release date of November 8, Great Expectations will arrive in theaters just in time for Carter, star Jeremy Irvine, and supporting cast members Ralph Fiennes, Jason Flemyng, Sally Hawkins, and Robbie Coltrane to battle amongst their peers for a shot at Oscar glory. Whether or not the film holds up against what is certainly one of the most fierce competitions for movie awards ever is anyone’s guess, but Hollywood is known to have a soft spot for well-made adaptations. You can view the trailer below.

I’m all for retelling the classics, but there is little in this trailer that brings anything new to the adaptation game. Comment below and let us know if you agree.

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