Fearless Teases New ‘Punk Goes’ Compilation, UTG Spoils The Fun


Fearless Records posted a puzzle yesterday afternoon asking fans to share a teaser link for a new Punk Goes… compilation in order to reveal the theme for this year’s release. Fortunately for us, by posting the entire puzzle online the label also allowed anyone with screen shot capabilities to take the pieces and re-arrange them ahead of the official reveal. We did just that, and can now inform everyone that Punk Goes CHRISTMAS will be hitting stores on November 5. You can view the artwork below.

There is a long history of Punk Goes that dominated the fall and winter playlists of anyone even remotely interested in the alternative scene, but I think we may have jumped the shark with this year’s installment. Do you agree? Comment below and let us know how interested you are in adding another collection of holiday covers to your music library.

James Shotwell

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  • Stephen Plunkett

    Ehh… Glad it’s not another punk goes pop album, but deff not that excited for this.. another accoustic album would have been cool, or even punk goes crunk 2, idk. Not as excited for this as I could’ve been.

  • Kriston McConnell

    I think I’d only really be interested if it sounded like August Burn’s Red Christmas album. That was awesome. I guess it depends on the bands too.

  • HaulixJames

    I hear it’s way more poppy this time around.

  • HaulixJames

    Crunk seems like the obvious choice to me. People still talk about the first one.

  • K. Bennett

    I have a few dif Alt Christmas comps that I am a big fan of… but the artists on each of the “punk goes” comps interest me less and less with each one they put out.

  • Brian Lion

    I’ll pass. They need to do like a Punk Goes Movie Themes or Punk Goes Saturday Morning Cartoon Themes, although they’d never top Powerglove’s ‘Saturday Morning Apocalypse’ and their amazing renditions.

  • HaulixJames

    True on both counts