Issues’ Ex-Drummer Claims He Was Kicked Out, Never Paid


It seems that the relationship between Case Snedecor and his former band, Issues, has not been as pleasant as the band would have initially wanted us to believe. According to a personal post by the former drummer, the band has been talking trash about him, they kicked him out and he was never paid for the time that he drummed with them.

When Issues announced details of Case’s departure back in May (and even Case himself weighed in), everything seemed fine and even friendly. With this new statement however, it sounds more like Case was used and taken advantage of by the band. You can read what he had to say by taking a look below the jump.

Not long after this post went live, Tyler Carter had some tweets that seem to be directed at Case, though they do not specify who they are directed at. You can read those below as well.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m writing this, other than the fact that apparently I’ve been nothing but trash talked by my former band.

I was kicked out of Issues because apparently they didn’t think I was a “good enough” drummer. It was so embarrassing because for awhile I honestly believed this to be true. Well honestly, the reason I was kicked out is because I disagreed with someone in that band so much, that he said if I was in the band, he wouldn’t be. The BAND told me this. He is a key writer so I got kicked out.

“SUPPOSEDLY” I can’t play Hooligans up to par. The most popular video of Hooligans that everyone saw live with me just so happened to be the night I was the sickest I’d ever been. So later down the road this member used it as leverage to “prove” his point.

The new drummer, Josh, who was my friend, went to dinner with me after I was kicked out and told me that he was offered the position. He then asked me if I’d been paid my promised pay from the band. I said no, and he said he would make sure that happened(never did). I told him to join the band because my experience was something I could have never had elsewhere and he said “I don’t know why they want me, your feet are better than mine.”

So I’m going to start this part by saying Josh is an unbelievable drummer. He’s better than I am but he’s also got 3 years on me. My house was where Issues lived while in GA and practiced. When we got home from tour, my parents had sold the house and moved to where we couldn’t practice or all stay. Josh has a house with a studio. People from the band moved into his house even before I joined. Why not have your roommate play in your band? Couldn’t hurt your chances of a place to stay. Also, they had nothing more to “gain” from me.

I never got my royalties that I’m contracted to, merch cuts that I was promised, or even a sorry for completely screwing me out of a career.

They can say I screwed myself all they’d like, but I know for fact that I can play those drum parts and I think most the people that saw me with Issues can attest to that. And to all of the doubters, I’d gladly post a video of me playing Hooligans whenever I can get a camera on me.

I’m posting this because I’ve been BEGGED to tell the truth of my departure. It’s possible they’ll come back with some post about my inferiority at drums or something else insulting, but this is the honest truth and I feel much better now that I’ve actually written it out.

Continue to support them, because I honestly believe most of them are good people. But just know that not everything is cut and dry.

Don’t dramatize this, just take it for what it is. I will not talk about Issues anymore on social networks, I’m done, this is me burning the bridge. I promise.

I love you all,


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