After The Burial Release Lyric Video For New Single, “A Wolf Amongst Ravens”


Apart from their recently released EP, This Life Is All We Have, which consisted of remastered versions of previously released tracks, Twin Cities-based deathcore outfit After The Burial have been relatively quiet since 2010’s In Dreams…until tonight that is.

The band is back with a new single, entitled “A Wolf Amongst Ravens,” which will be featured on their fourth full-length, Wolves Within, scheduled for a December 17 release via longtime home, Sumerian Records.

Unfortunately, many that have been waiting for new jams from these djentlemen may ultimately be rather disappointed as “A Wolf Amongst Ravens,” which clocks in at just over five minutes, is really rather boring. Sure, it grooves, but it maintains the same groove for nearly the entire runtime, which seems to be a theme for most Sumerian bands as of late that were once far more promising.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a deep-rooted fan of bands like Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, and After The Burial, but let’s face it — this is no Rareform, and BOO certainly didn’t top The Discovery this year. I’d love for others to enjoy this more than me though so give the lyric video, which is pretty cool, a look-see after the jump and let me know if I’m just being an asshole.

One thing’s for sure, the song will make you move. I just hope this isn’t entirely indicative of what Wolves Within has to offer.

Pre-order Wolves Within here.

Brian Leak

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