Lionsgate Actively Developing Next ‘Saw’ Film


This one is more of a tidbit than anything else, but it’s too juicy to resist posting.

According to our friends at Bloody-Disgusting, Lionsgate has begun actively developing an eighth Saw, based on the franchise created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. There are no press releases available, nor casting rumors, director talk, or the like. This is all we know, and it’s more than enough to gain our attention.

It has been three years since Jigsaw last tormented unsuspecting people in Saw 3D, and in that time it’s hard to argue that any other horror franchise has been able to fascinate the nation quite like the Saw films. Paranormal Activity did the job for a year or two, but in 2013 even that series decided to skip trick-or-treating season.

At this point it is unclear whether Lionsgate will push the series into an eighth film or reboot the franchise altogether, but it seems safe to assume we have not seen the last of Jigsaw’s clever contraptions. Comment below and let us know if you’d pay for another slice of Saw.

James Shotwell

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