Hopsin Releases “Have You Seen Me”


The hype surrounding Hopsin right now is louder than it has ever been, but for one reason or another the California-bred rapper is unhappy with his place in life. He recently went on a tweet-spree venting about how he’d grown tired of the music industry, and now he’s delivered a brand new song to further address his frustrations.

Recorded this week (November 7), “Have You Seen Me” is a new song from Hopsin that found its way online earlier today. A description released alongside the song reads: “Just some shit i made today. i get tired of putting out organized structured music and all that label crap. i just wanna rap and speak my mind…im tired of all the business behind it.”

You can stream and download the song below.

“Have You Seen Me” is not featured on Hopsin’s upcoming album, Knock Madness, which arrives in stores later this month. That said, it does pack a lyrical punch that puts many other rappers to shame. We’ll continue to follow Hopsin’s activity and bring you more information on his future plans as they become available. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on his new material.

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