Chris Pratt To Take The Lead In ‘Jurassic World’?

chris pratt

We all know and love him as Andy Dwyer, or maybe even better known as the front-man for the best band in the world, Mouse Rat, but he may soon be on bigger radars. With the lead role in the upcoming (and highly anticipated from this guy) Marvel space opera, Guardians of the Galaxy, actor Chris Pratt is sure to make a bigger name for himself in the future.

On top of all this, it is being said that Pratt is in talks to take the lead role for the upcoming Jurassic World, a role once held by actor Josh Brolin. While all still up in the air at this point, it seems that the only hurdles left to go over are Pratt’s other commitments, most notably Parks and Recreation. Parks and Rec, which will air two back to back episodes in the coming two weeks, will then air no more episodes until January, if you were curious how NBC currently feels about the show. Parks has had a wonderful run, and is probably my favorite comedy on right now, though the future is currently grey. With Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe leaving this season, who knows what the future holds for our favorite raccoon infested city.

Personally, I would enjoy seeing Pratt take the Jurassic role. I believe he is due for a great and upcoming career, and seriously, he is going to be awesome as Star-Lord.

Drew Caruso

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