Inanimate Existence Stream “The Rune of Destruction (Rough Mix)”

inanimate existence

Apart from a few acts that killed it this year, 2013 was relatively boring and uneventful in the death metal realm, but California comes through yet again with another brutal band of talented musicians in Inanimate Existence.

The Santa Cruz-based outfit just released a rough, pre-production cut of “The Rune of Destruction,” which will be featured on their new album due out sometime early next year around February. Running nearly 5 minutes in length, the rough mix shows a lot of promise and certainly raises our anticipation for their forthcoming effort. Every musician shines throughout the track with technicality and finesse, accompanied by the deep growling vocals and a surprise guest vocal contribution from Kaitlyn Kehl. The keyboard parts add an excellent eerie element too.

As the band’s previous vocalist, Cameron Porras, has recently stepped down to provide a second guitar for the band, they’ve recruited Riley McShane of Son Of Aurelius and Continuum to take over vocal duties which seems to have been a wise choice all around and will certainly serve the band well as they move forward.

Stream “The Rune of Destruction” after the jump, but you might want to wear a welding mask; it’s a face-melter.

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