Rihanna Releases “What Now” Video


After spending the majority of 2013 making headlines for her outrageous public persona, Rihanna is back in our headlines this morning and attempting to sell us on her softer side through the official video for “What Now.”

The power-ballad off Rihanna’s most recent album, “What Now” attempts to tow the line between heartfelt tale of lost love and dubstep-infused dance pop. The results are a little mixed, but the accompanying video released today will likely go a long way towards pushing the single up the digital charts. Rihanna has lost her mind in the wake of broken heart, and throughout the clip she struggles to regain a grip on her life. You can view the video at the end of this post.

As much as I love a good Rihanna single, the choice to release “What Now” feels like we’re starting to stretch the exposure Rihanna has found from her most recent album as thin as humanly possible. People want new music, not new visuals, and it has been too long since Riri blessed us with a new tune. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the clip.

James Shotwell

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