Lana Del Rey Releases New ‘Tropico’ Teaser

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I’m still unsure how I feel about Tropico, the upcoming short film from Lana Del Rey, but after seeing the following preview I have to admit she certainly has me interested in whatever it is she’s spent 2013 working on.

Back in October, Lana Del Rey released a brief clip of her upcoming short film Tropico that left us more confused than entertained. Today a minute-long teaser was released, and while it’s still incredibly vague it does pique our interests for the flick’s upcoming December 5 release. You can view the footage below.

Speaking about the movie, directed by Anthony Mandler, Del Rey told Nylon: “It’s Elvis and Jesus and Marilyn and extraterrestrials all in one.” Del Rey also told Nylon about her struggle with writing the follow-up to her debut album, 2012’s Born To Die, saying, “I don’t really hear” a second album.

I don’t know how to better describe the following footage than what Del Rey is quoted saying above. It’s strange and beautiful and weird all at the same time. Comment after you watch and let us know if you’re excited for the film’s debut later this month.

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  • Walter White

    This seems VERY pretentious and self-indulgent. I’d be surprised if anyone other than Lana and her fans actually “get it”. I like being surprised though so we shall see.