Editorial: R. Kelly Keeps It Filthy With (Extremely) Perverse ‘Black Panties’ Bonus Track


Sometimes you stumble across a song that simply demands your time and attention. You know it may very well be a disaster of epic proportions, but something about it – be it title or the act behind it – is too good to turn away from. I encountered one such track over the weekend while preparing for the week’s coverage, and given the slow flow of new stories this morning I figured sharing it with all of you wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. Be warned, however, things are about to get raunchy.

The promotion for R. Kelly’s new album, Black Panties, has not exactly been what many would describe as subtle. Kelly has a reputation for sex that he’s increasingly embraced in recent years, and seemingly every song on his new record deals solely with the act of making love, each in ways somehow raunchier than the last. We’ve already covered how certain copies of the record come with actual panties, as well as how dirty the singles have been, but you’ve not heard the extent of R. Kelly’s admiration for the female form until you’ve heard the bonus track, “Show Ya Pussy.”

Hey, I warned you it was going to get raunchy.

Featuring trap music god Juicy J and 2013 standouts Migos, “Show Ya Pussy” is without a doubt one of the filthiest songs to ever come across my inbox. The focus is exactly what you expect it to be, and after each ego-driven verse describing personal wealth and style there is a repetitive hook demanding all ladies (and I use that word loosely) to reveal their vaginas to Mr. “Bump and Grind” himself. Of course, Juicy J and the guys who can’t stop rapping about “Versace” wouldn’t mind if you included them in the show as well, just don’t expect any respect or lasting affection to come out of the deal. You can stream “Show Ya Pussy” in full below.

There have been cries of misogyny in R. Kelly’s music since his debut release, but somewhere a letter department is bound to receive digital boatloads of complaints from concerned parents once this track finds its way into mainstream America. All three artists featured have a history of objectifying women, but this song is in a class all its own. It’s far too ridiculous to take seriously of course, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ruffle a few feathers. After all, no one wants to be caught in public quietly singing “Show Ya Pussy” to themselves because its been stuck in their head for weeks and the cashier is taking too long with the customers in front of you.

Even writing the title of this song gives me the creeping suspicion my mother is somewhere right now thinking that I am doing something she probably wouldn’t approve of, but if enjoying R. Kelly’s exaggerated admiration of the female form is wrong then I don’t want to be right. There have been very few people throughout time who could stay a relevant top 40 artist while turning out songs demanding genitalia be shown to them whenever they’re spotted in the club, but R. Kelly is one such soul, and fortunately for us he has absolutely no problem sharing his talents and peculiar sexual proclivities with the world.

Black Panties hits stores this week, but you can click here to stream a full preview of the album. I’m not sure if we will run a review of the record, but I can assure you the song featured in this post is without a doubt one-of-a-kind. Whether or not its good, or even if its able to be considered pop music, is up for you to decide.

Written by: James Shotwell (Follow him on Twitter)

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