Disney Buys Rights To ‘Indiana Jones’


At this point Disney will own everything and Mickey Mouse will be running the government one day. It was announced Friday, December 6, that Disney had bought the rights to future Indiana Jones movies. Paramount will retain ownership of the previous ones.

So does this mean Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Indy? The 71-year-old actor surprisingly is still up for it, kind of. He knows that he’s up there in age and knows his physical limits. Ford recently told the Daily Telegraph, “We’ve seen the character develop and grow over a period of time and it’s perfectly appropriate and OK for him to come back again with a great movie around him where he doesn’t necessarily have to kick as much ass.”

Disney has no immediate plans for a new Indiana Jones movie, but at least they know Ford’s down to be on board. Not only is he cool with doing another one, but Steven Spielberg is too. In September 2012, actress Karen Allen said both Ford and Spielberg were “game” to do another but also mentioned it was up to George Lucas to work his magic and produce a good story. Lucas has recently taken a bit of a step back from the film industry, so we’ll see.

Would you head out and see Disney’s Indiana Jones?

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