Rebecca Black Attempts A Comeback With “Saturday” (Seriously)


Remember Rebecca Black? Of course you do. She was the teenage singing sensation who delivered the inescapable viral smash “Friday” back in the early months of 2011. She took some time to grow up a bit (she’s now 16), and this weekend Ms. Black started her comeback with the release of a new song fittingly titled “Saturday.”

Serving as a stand alone track that just so happens to follow her previous breakout hit, “Saturday” is a song about the things that happen after you party your life away on Friday night. The video builds on the success of the original clip with several subtle and not-so-subtle references to the original song and video popping up amidst a series of party-related sequences. You can view the video below.

As far as the song itself, “Saturday” is a vast improvement from the mindless repetition of “Friday.” That said, it’s pretty pointless in its own right, and while the music may sound more lively there is no hiding the lack of ‘it’ factor Black possesses. She can sing fine, I guess, but there isn’t anything in this song that demands repeat listens. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the track.

James Shotwell

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  • Tristan Newman

    I just give her credit for trying, and props for owning up to the disaster that was Friday and turning the legacy into something humorous that actually fuels this ‘sequel’