Watch The First Trailer For ‘Interstellar’


Providing the first footage for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated next release, Interstellar, we have our first trailer.

Featuring shots of mankind’s historic delves into the skies above, the trailer provides a narration to some of the greatest aeronautic events of the past 100 years. While I am sad to say that the trailer yields little from actual film footage, it most certainly heightened my excitement and wonder for the film.

A torn Matthew McConaughey guides us through our first indulgence to Interstellar. With an incredible cast consisting of Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, John Lithgow, and many, many more, we are only a year away from release. Hitting theaters November 7, 2014, we are almost there.

Follow us after the jump to experience the trailer.

Coming at an interesting time, I am saddened to say that America’s desire for space travel has incredibly diminished. As an aspiring scientist myself, my appetite for wonder (thank you, Professor Dawkins) is at an all time high, something that is hard to say for some of the youth I encounter during my college career. Let us hope that Nolan’s next cinematic release can only bring society’s gaze back to the sky, where our answers of truth, and future, ultimately lie.

Drew Caruso

Drew Caruso is a Bostonian who, when not writing about music and film, spends his time getting lost in New England, reading books, talking about science whether people want to listen or not, and more. To see the thoughts of a scientist by day and a writer by night, follow him on Twitter.
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