Taking Back Sunday Post Message to Fans


The band announced yesterday that it would be releasing a follow-up to 2011’s self titled, and today brings a message from the band to its fans.

In the love note, the Long Island boys declare their excitement for the upcoming Happiness Is; they also briefly describe the recording process for the record.

Happiness Is will hit shelves March 18 via Hopeless Records.

You can view the band’s full message below.

Every new album comes with two unique adventures. The first is the writing and recording of the album. The second is the release of and reaction to that album. For us the writing and recording was unlike anything we experienced before. We wrote in an insane variety of places over the course of two years. An ancient house in the mountains of West Virginia. A studio in the woods of Fenton, Michigan. A studio in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. We wrote on the road. In tour buses, back stages and hotels around the world. We recorded the album in two separate studios with two different producers. Each environment and producer brought out something unique in us. Throughout the process of writing and recording we went through so much as individuals and as a group. A lot of those experiences made their way onto the record but it’s hard to say how or where they showed up. That’s all in the past now though and we’re about to experience the second adventure. The one where we put all of that out there and see how people react to it. For better or worse the response will be a surprise. The way people will connect to or disconnect from your music is completely unpredictable. Whatever the response, it will shape the next years of our lives and ultimately pave the way for the writing of our next record. We can only wait and see. For now we’ve got an album we’re proud of and we’re hoping that means something.

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