Album Stream: Dum Dum Girls – ‘Too True’


Capability and consistency aren’t the most exciting descriptors, but we attach them to the delightful Dum Dum Girls without meaning anything back-handed. The California quartet has been releasing material regularly since forming in 2009, though their output dipped a bit in 2013, and it never fails to be thoroughly enjoyable.

Too True, set to be released on January 28 by Sub Pop is the band’s third full-length in four years. They sound as settled as ever here, their shimmering waves of indie rock, ’90s influences, and just-rough-enough production assured throughout. If this sounds like a number of other bands on Sub Pop, well, that would be because it is a label that has been quite good at keeping to its style and bringing on bands that do that style quite well. There are no complaints here.

New Dum Dum Girls material has always provided thoroughly and refreshingly satisfying half hour listening blocks in the past, and Too True is no exception. The album is now streaming over on NPR.

Tyler Hanan

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