Atreyu Teasing Reunion Just In Time For ‘The Curse’ To Hit The Decade Mark


Ten years ago Atreyu were the kings of the hard rock movement. Their debut album had catapulted them onto the national stage, and in 2004 they followed that release with The Curse, which would go on to be their most successful (and beloved) album. Now, after almost three years spent ‘on a break,’ Atreyu are teasing a reunion less than five months before The Curse crosses the decade mark. Coincidence? We think not.

Yesterday, someone with access to the Atreyu Facebook page uploaded a photo of the entire lineup gathered at what appears to be a restaurant/diner. No message was included with the image, but the post has already stirred excitement around the world about what the future might hold for the band. You can view the image below.

The last official update from Atreyu came on May 11, 2013, when the band posted a statement asking their Facebook fans to repost their message, “if you want Atreyu to write a new song for your ears to bleed to.” No news of studio time or an official reunion followed.

There is clearly a lot up in the air right now as far as the potential for a full-blown Atreyu reunion, but it seems safe to assume something is on the horizon. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.


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