Tegan & Sara Team Up With Oreo For Grammy Commercial


They might not take home any gold at Sunday night’s Grammys but Tegan & Sara will be winners in their own right. The indie rock duo are joining the ranks of artists like Owl City and Kacey Musgraves by teaming with America’s favorite cookie for an original Oreo jingle that’ll premiere during music’s biggest night.

Tegan & Sara didn’t get a chance to write the song themselves but Oreo has said they take the artists’ style into heavy consideration when writing. So fans can expect it to be something the sisters are comfortable singing, only with a cookie twist.

Speaking of twists, to make things more interesting Oreo is offering up something special for those who catch the spot the night it debuts. A one-time only hashtag will appear at the end of the commercial. Those fast enough to catch it will get a chance to taste the cookies before anyone else. They could’ve tossed in concert tickets, but cookies are just as cool.

Now this isn’t just for original Oreos; it’s a spot for their new flavors that have been making mouths salivate since word got out about them – cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. Make sure to catch Tegan & Sara’s Oreo debut this Sunday, January 26.

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