Imagine Dragons Release “Radioactive” Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar


Imagine Dragons debuted a killer remix of their ridiculously overplayed single “Radioactive” during last night’s GRAMMYs, and this morning a studio version has found its way online.

Hitting iTunes shortly after the GRAMMYs came to their usual lackluster close, the official remix of “Radioactive” adds a vicious verse from snubbed GRAMMY nominee Kendrick Lamar at the end that builds to an explosive musical eruption of sound that demands your full attention. The music accompanies his lyrical attack, pulsing just below his vocals with an intensity all their own, and when he finally utters his final exhaustive syllables you find yourself consumed in a wall of sound you never thought Imagine Dragons could create. You can stream the remix below.

We are just as tired of hearing “Radioactive” as you are, but this remix is further proof that Kendrick Lamar is to music what The Rock is to the world of film. He is guaranteed to add something to the mix that will improve your final product in a way only he can create. He proved that in 2013 with his Robin Thicke collaboration, and he’ll probably do it a few more times in 2014.

Kendrick has had a stranglehold on hip-hop’s attention for the better part of two years, but it’s good to keep in mind he is still in many ways just beginning his reign over the urban music landscape. His sophomore album is one of the most anticipated releases in recent memory, and as long as he maintains the pace he’s on right now we have no doubts it will be another genre-defining moment for rap music.

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