Laurence Fishburne Resurrects Morpheus From ‘The Matrix’ To Help Sell Cars


The Super Bowl is this sunday, and already a number of the year’s most anticipated advertising campaigns have begun to make their way online. We’ve skipped a few that could have been posted, but this one was too good to resist.

Kia’s latest advertising plan, which found its way online this morning, drops the dancing gerbils who have helped the company in recent years and attempts a different type of approach altogether. Viewers see a couple walking to pick up their car from a valet. When they get to the booth they noticed Laurence Fishburne is standing behind the podium dressed as Morpheus from The Matrix. They begin to question the scenario, but then Morpheus tells them about the truth he has come to share. That truth, if you can believe it, is that Kia has some really nice deals on their new model cars. You can view the ad below.

We may post additional advertisements if they fall in-line with our normal post routine, but aside from the halftime show and the five movie trailers debuting this sunday there will be little Super Bowl coverage to be found in UTG’s future. We were never really good at sports.

What do you think of the return of Morpheus? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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