Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Farewell to Late Night with The Muppets

Jimmy Fallon The Muppets

After five great, long, music-filled years, Jimmy Fallon stepped down from his role as the host of the Late Night only to step up to his new position as the host of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. With so many talented past guests and a house band like The Roots, the question on everyone’s mind was what would Fallon do for his farewell performance? Something, perfect, of course.

Fallon managed to get The Muppets to join him onstage for a goofy-but-serious cover of The Band’s “The Weight” before walking offstage and into his new set for The Tonight Show. After pasts appearances from musicians like Tyler, the Creator all the way to a hair-whipping Bruce Springsteen, it only made sense for him to close with such a heart-warming classic. Sigh.

Watch a video of the performance below (tissues not provided):

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  • Brian Lion

    Flawless victory.