Kanye West Rants Against Press At Penn State, Declares “I Am Yeezus”


Oh, Kanye. A week or two goes by without a headline and you just get the itch to make news.

Last night, Kanye West took his Yeezus tour to Penn State. In the middle of “Touch The Sky,” the Chicago native asked that the music be stopped so he could address members of the press who do not seem to appreciate the fact he’s been grinding away at his craft for the last ten years. Kanye specifically calls out Power 105′s Charlamagne Tha God and MTV’s Sway Calloway, but in general demands the press “shut the fuck up.” You can view the clip below.

The best part of the video comes moments after Kanye’s initial burst of insight into how we in the media are living our lives wrong. Just before breaking into an a capella rendition of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” Kanye triumphantly declares “I am Yeezus” in a way far more badass than I can begin to describe. You may hate his ego, but no one can claim Kanye West does not know how to own a stage.

Kanye previously promised a new album by summer 2014, but there has been no recent talk of progress on the record. The Yeezus tour continues tonight in Baltimore.

James Shotwell

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  • Peter gelezius

    Why does anyone care?

  • Calvin

    He’s just a no-talent douchebag singing to idiot fans who are so dumb they actually spent money on a ticket to see a pile of crap on stage.