Full-Length Teaser For ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Is All Sorts Of Awesome


I’m not sure anyone expected to be that excited about the Transformers franchise returning for a fourth round of CGI carnage, but after viewing the full-length teaser for the June 27 release you may look down to find your butt at the edge of your seat.

Starring Mark Wahlberg as a nearly full-grown woman’s father, Transformers: Age Of Extinction picks up during a time that appears to be years after the events of the original trilogy. Wahlberg and his daughter live on a small farm in rural Texas, and to make ends meet the star of Lone Survivor has begun buying wrecked vehicles and selling their valuable parts. One day he buys a mysterious semi, which seems to be covered in bullet holes, but upon further realization, the man portrayed by Mark Wahlberg realizes he may have stumbled upon something much more exciting. He may have found a Transformer.

Cut to government vehicles, strange men in suits, and the return of everyone’s space born robots. You see Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, and something that makes all of them seem very small in size. Something capable of destroying the world.

We all know how Michael Bay films work, so before you go and start to believe this is going to be anything other than a breathtaking display of tentpole style filmmaking you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The clip below has explosions, jokes, references, and just enough ‘OMG WHAT IS THAT I NEED TO KNOW MORE RIGHT NOW’ moments to make even the most hesitant Bay hater crack the slightest of smiles. Enjoy.

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