Fall Out Boy Release Video For “Rat A Tat” Featuring Courtney Love


We are just over a month away from Fall Out Boy‘s latest album, Save Rock And Roll, hitting its one year anniversary. Today the band is continuing to promote the record with the ninth chapter in their ongoing video saga, and this time they brought Courtney Love along for the ride.

Featuring an appearance from the frontwoman of Hole, “Rat A Tat” furthers the strange and violent tale Fall Out Boy have slowly revealed over the last year. Love appears to be leading a revolution of sorts, and the members of FOB are the latest targets on her hit list. Chaos ensues. You can view the video below.

There was a lot of shade thrown toward Courtney Love when she was originally announced for Save Rock And Roll, but even though I do not necessarily understand her presence on this track I do not think she does anything to harm FOB’s reputation (if that still exists). Do you disagree? Let us know.

Save Rock And Roll is available now.

James Shotwell

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  • K. Bennett

    I don’t think she did anything to hard their reputation… but that doesn’t mean I like her part on the track. Just seems out of place… and odd. I may talk myself into watching the video later… maaaaaaybe.