Lil Wayne Says ‘Tha Carter V’ Will Be His Last Solo Album (Unless You Have $25 Million To Spare)


Young Money CEO Lil Wayne said some time ago that Tha Carter V would be his final studio album, and in a new interview with MTV he has confirmed that remains his plan to this day. Still, Mr. Carter says he would be willing to consider working on another record if someone were willing to pay him $25-35 million for his work. He told MTV, “The way I’m working for this album. It seems like it would be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else.”

Later in the same interview, which you can view below, Wayne said he continue to contribute guest features and make compilation appearances whenever warranted. If those efforts are anything like the Young Money compilation that hit stores this week, we think he might be better off throwing it in altogether.

There is no word yet on when Tha Carter V will be available, but a late spring release is possible. This is Lil Wayne we’re talking about however, so things could change very quickly (and be delayed forever). Stay tuned.

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